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kickstart your spark 2023!


I am delighted to announce that


is back for 2023!

I am thrilled to offering up to 8 Creative Mothers an AMAZING group coaching programme to KICKSTART your Spark for 2023!

The waitlist is now open!

    • Want to start summer with a bang?

    • Need to inject a spark into your creative practise?

    • Want to be part of a small community to journey alongside?


    This programme is for YOU!

    1. : Creative mothers! At any stage of creative practise who need support to get their spark going! Maybe you are a musician who knows what they want but not how to get there to get there or you are a theatre director needing to manage your work life balance better, or you always wanted to paint but are yet to buy brushes.

    2. : A facilitated online group coaching programme. Where you’ll be in a supportive  group of 6-8 other creative mothers. Professional Coach, and creative mother Jana Kennedy with facilitate each session with deep care and joy. You benefit from the group’s collective wisdom, while having the opportunity to focus entirely on your own STUFF.

    3. : You need dedicated time and space to focus on clarifying what it is you need right now as a creative person. You might want to work on; work/life balance, procrastination, career changes, family changes, finances, confidence, imposter syndrome, energy levels or taking a leap.

    4. When / Where: Online via Zoom.


    Sessions will run roughly 4 weeks apart from June 2023 – December 2023 (excluding Aug)

    June 7th 10am - 12pm
    July 12th 10am - 12pm
    September 13th 10am - 12pm
    October 11th 10am - 12pm
    November 8th 10am - 12pm
    December 13th 10am - 12pm

















    What you get:

    • Six months of online sessions from June – December 2023 (6 online session in total. We won't meet in Aug).
      • Collective coaching with a small group of up to 8 women, plus your professional coach, and creative mother, Jana.
      • Group support and encouragement via WhatsApp between sessions.
      • In June a first foundations workshop session where you’ll be invited take a step back, take stock and explore alternative perspectives.
      • Continuing with sessions that harness the wisdom of shared learning, while also providing a context in which you report back on your learning, achievements and issues you’re facing.
      • Ongoing sessions that are designed for you to work on your own priorities while also exploring shared themes, for example being assertive, relationships, creativity, time management, listening, working from strengths, conflict, and maintaining focus.
      • A final session in December 2023 to bring together our shared learning and identify next steps for the future.

    What you'll come away with:


    A strong sense of, and reconnection to, your personal resilience, resourcefulness and well-being, in relation to your creative practice, your work and life.

    A clear sense of how to live your values, overcome self-limiting beliefs and recognising the power of choosing a different perspective

    An understanding of what knocks you off balance and how to regain that balance

    An ability to manage self-limiting beliefs and build confidence

    Renewed clarity of how to move forward with your creative practices

    A better sense of how to prioritise and set meaningful goals

    A shared learning experience and new relationships with other mothers involved in creative practice.

    Experience of being coached and listened to deeply.

    What Creative Mothers have said:


    Through this course Jana has helped me identify what I want that work to be, and to have the confidence to keep my goal in sight, despite rejections. I would 100% recommend this course. Jana is a great facilitator; holding a safe and supportive space where vulnerabilities can be shared and worked through with honesty and compassion.


    It was a wonderful experience and I felt privileged to be a part of it. I didn't even really understand what group coaching really was before taking part, but Jana guided us through with energy and compassion, and the group felt like such a supportive and inspiring space to be!


    Yes I would absolutely recommend this programme. Jana is wonderful at making you feel totally comfortable and safe whilst gently pushing you out of your comfort zone to help move you in the right direction. I feel way more confident and inspired to fulfil my potential after this programme. Thank you Jana!


    The programme really works for creative mums wanting to re-establish themselves in all their creative glory! Self-love and appreciation meets real focused peer mentoring in a safer and inclusive space all done from the comfort of your own sofa. Excellent!


    I.LOVED. IT! Jana held the space so well, the tools she used were excellent and insightful, her energy infectious. I felt cared for every time we met. Can’t recommend highly enough!




    For further information on the programme,

    or to arrange a 15min chat about the programme,

    get in touch!

    Either book via my calendly link:



    Full Price -

    Workplace or organisation paying


    Partially subsidised as above - but you are contributing to the costs


    Self paying - you are covering all costs yourself



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