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Hello my name is Jana (Rhymes with banana!) I am an Leadership Coach and Creative Facilitator.


What is Coaching?

Coaching is a structured form of development that helps people achieve their goals by unlocking their own potential. Here's a breakdown of what coaching is and isn't:

Coaching is:

  • Goal-oriented: A coach helps you define and work towards specific goals, whether it's improving your public speaking skills or getting that promotion.

  • Client-centered: The focus is on you, the coachee. The coach uses powerful questions and techniques to help you generate your own ideas and solutions.

  • Empowering: A coach equips you with the tools and self-awareness to achieve your goals yourself, rather than simply giving you answers.

  • Supportive: Coaching provides a safe space for you to explore challenges, develop strategies, and stay motivated.

Coaching isn’t:

  • Telling you what to do: A coach is not a consultant or a manager. They won't dictate solutions; instead, they'll guide you to discover your own answers.

  • Therapy: While coaching can address personal challenges, it's not a substitute for therapy. Coaching focuses on future goals and development, while therapy delves deeper into past experiences and healing.

  • One-size-fits-all: Effective coaching is tailored to your unique needs and goals.

  • Easy: Coaching requires commitment and effort from the coach and the coachee. It's a collaborative journey towards growth.

In short, coaching is a powerful tool for personal

and professional development.

It's about helping you reach your full potential by drawing

on the resources you already have within yourself.


About me:

I am a Leadership Coach (ILM7) and Facilitator. Since qualifying as a coach, I have has focused my coaching on leadership development and developed a passion for Group Coaching. Drawing on my expertise in facilitation and coaching skills, I am a sought-after Coach for both 1:1 and Group Coaching, particularly in the NHS, charity, and private sectors.

Additionally I facilitate teams to be even better focused on communication, compassion, connection, and courage.

I strongly believe that given supportive listening spaces we can all achieve our full potential, and that we all have inner resources such as knowledge, experience, skills, and the intuition that coaching helps us to access.

I offer person-centered coaching, ensuring it is always the right fit for theclient. I am warm, supportive, and challenging and have a wealth of life andcoaching skills to bring to the coaching relationship. I am in your corner.I lack judgement as I am not meeting you as a peer in the same field but as your coach to work alongside you, whilst not being so submerged in those myself, I can't see the bigger picture to support you and your needs.


‘It’s lonely at the top’ is true for all Executives; add in being a woman, a mother and other intersectionality. For executives like these, I offer support to set and maintain boundaries, to explore and sustain a good work-life balance and be authentic, all in a warm and compassionate coaching space.


I am is described as warm, fun, nonjudgmental, and flexible. Her values are Compassion, Connection, and Humour. She is also a mum to one small human and lives in South Manchester with a husband, dog, and about 375 houseplants!


I am an ILM 7 qualified & EMCC accredited Executive Coach working clients on both Professional and Personal development.

What does this mean for clients?

n a coaching landscape where anyone can claim to be a coach (yup...), partnering with an accredited coach like me provides you with a solid foundation of quality assurance. It's a testament to my dedication to providing you with the highest standard of coaching.

If you work with me as your coach, you can be assured that I have:
🔅 Regular supervision
🔅 Continuous CPD
🔅 Peer support
🔅 Commitment to The Global Code of Ethics
🔅 A deep commitment to your growth and needs

If you are a woman in business considering coaching I would LOVE to hear from you!

Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, a seasoned CEO, or a leader in a large organisation, my coaching is tailored to meet your unique needs. Investing in coaching is a powerful step towards personal and professional growth, and I'm here to guide you on that journey.




  • Full transparency is important in coaching.

  • I don't put prices on my website as I offer different prices to individuals, small biz owners and orgs.

  • I am upfront in our first communication about costs.

  • I don't push packages.

  • I believe coaching should be accessible to as many people as possible.

  • I also have to live & keep joy!

Here's what clients have to say:
"Jana is personable and fun but a fantastically professional coach. Her breadth of knowledge and ability to find the right framework to guide my reflection and thinking are incredible"

"Jana is wonderful at making you feel totally comfortable and safe whilst gently pushing you out of your comfort zone to help move you in the right direction. I feel way more confident and inspired to fulfil my potential after coaching with Jana"

"Jana held the space so well, the tools she used were excellent and insightful, her energy infectious. I felt cared for every time we met. Can’t recommend highly enough!"

Ready to explore how coaching can benefit you? Book a FREE 20-minute Chemistry call with me. It's a no-pressure opportunity to see if we're a good fit and discuss how coaching can accelerate your success. Simply email me at

Looking forward to hearing from you! Jana X

What coaching can offer:




Understanding mindset

Persponal preferences

 ‘Listening this way is a radical act’ Nancy Kline

All Coaching sessions provide a space where people can think, talk openly and safely, a chance to check out their assumptions, and to be heard. To be listened to can often be a gift that brings about positive change in understanding, self-confidence and decision making.

Perhaps you are:

  • Overwhelmed by work

  • In a difficult and demanding job

  • Tranisiton into Leadership

  • Wondering how to take the next step

  • Struggling while juggling work and life

  • Feeling guilty fulfilling your own needs

  • Trying to run a business or figure out a career

  • Support for a team to create culture or sytems change

  • Self-confidence, time management and work/life balance.

  • Career opportunities, business management and work performance.

  • Improving relationships, interpersonal and communication skills, and family dynamics.

  • Well-being.


Coaching can help you find clarity around these things and more, and be a deeply profound experience for the coachee (you!).


I am passionate about offering high-quality Group Coaching, offering regular group coaching programmes in my private practice.


I also run The Group Coaching Community on facebook. Soon offering a Group Coaching Accreditation.

Coaching cultures:

I support organisations to introduce and maintain Coaching Cultures. I have worked in the NHS, with Charities, and Tech Start ups.

In the current climate I am working with organisations to support them in staff retention, I am particularly keen to support women in Senior Leadership where there are high levels of burnout.

Coaching takes place via zoom, teams, by phone or

in person in my Coaching Space in South Manchester

Book in a chemistry call via my online calendar

Jana's booking link

Contact Me:





Coaching Testimonials:

Jana has a unique way of welcoming everyone she meets, she sees you with a keen and playful eye and holds your hand through discoveries and bumpy terrain. The sessions feel full and fresh and never long enough and yet totally perfect in length!


I would heartily recommend coaching with Jana. She is excellent at guiding a group and making everyone feel seen and welcome. I’ve gained a lot of clarity after just a few sessions!

'In one 50 minute session, Jana helped us identify our hopes and dreams for the next 3 years and guided us to find some practical ways of achieving that! Left the session feeling calm, happy and inspired. Thanks Jana! Would highly recommend, she is a WIZARD!'

Things That Go On Things

“Working with Jana unlocked some powerful and valuable things for me. I’m so glad to have worked with her.”



"I have absolutely loved working with you and always looked forward to our time together - I find your company very comfortable and encouraging.

You were very clear in describing what the sessions were for, and I found It helpful that you said at the start of every session that this was time for me, and that you were not judging me. Your boundaries were very clear, and you have a real warmth and engaging personality.



I entered into coaching thinking I needed somewhere to get some SMART goals, be accountable, maybe get some suggestions that would limit down my activities a bit. The opposite has happened to some extent, I've come out with more questions, more to explore. But this is all for the good, as it meets me where I am, which is a strength of yours as a coach.

You asked really helpful questions, you really listen deeply and your Input was sparing but steering. You held the space lightly but confidently. I would recommend others to work with you"


“Jana and I started working together as I felt I’d hit a creative road block after having my baby, and following the aftermath of the pandemic. Jana really helped me look at my life and career with a different perspective and we set out goals to help me reconnect with my values.

 Jana is approachable and fun, if you’re in need to support to get you through any transitions, developments or new challenges Jana is a great person to help you figure things out, and move in the right direction" Jenny

I was having a really difficult time deciding between courses of action that just didn’t seem appealing.  Jana asked me some really useful and powerful questions, helping me to change my perspective on these situations.  I left the conversation with options I hadn’t even considered, and a short-term plan that sets me up for my longer-term goal.  Jana gave me a supportive thinking space that I really needed and her intuitive questions and reframes really made a difference to my thinking and my overall wellbeing.  Thank you for a fab session!


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