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Examples of previous Clients
Business and IP Centre Greater Manchester
Børnekulturhuset - Denmark
Bridgewater Hall
Children's Society
Clinical Research Network
Community Arts North West
Glastonbury Festival
Irwin Mitchell
NHS R&D NW Network
National Insitute Health Research

Manchester Camerata
Manchester Metroplitan University

Rush Philanthropic - NYC
Turtle Key Arts

Victoria and Albert Museum
Wild In Art

Z Arts - Arts and Theatre

Jana 2022


 'Jana is personable and fun but a fantastically professional coach. Her breadth of knowledge and the ability to reach for the right framework to guide my reflection and thinking is incredible'

Sarah - CEO

'Jana is held in high regard within the NHS research community for her skill and expertise in facilitating group work and I would highly recommend Jana to any organisation looking for a group facilitator'


Gillian Southgate

Director of Collaboration



“Jana was FANTASTIC!! Her inspiration and confidence in bringing people together was amazing!  Her skills to network with one another were fabulous!”

Corporate client 2022


“I'd like to give a shout out to Jana for her boundless enthusiasm and energy! “

Corporate client 2022

'I thought ‘Oh my God, I’ve got to meet random people’ and it made me quite anxious and nervous. But I’m so glad that I did it, because it was a great ice breaker. It also took me out of my comfort zone to start off with, which I think I needed'

Corporate participant 2020

'Jana is really great; she really gets you out of what you’d normally do. She makes you come out of yourself a little bit and be that more open and relaxed, think differently. So it gives you those skills and that strength to know that you can do it […] if you can do that in a zone like that, when you’re in a pressured situation managing somebody or trying to be a leader, you can do it with people that you know'

Corporate participant 2019

'I definitely remember that real strong bonding and sense of being part of that group [and] all the facilitators. I don't think it would have been the same without Jana; she just brings the whole group together. She definitely made you feel comfortable and I think by feeling comfortable you are much more likely to share things and support each other. There was a lot of time spent doing games and ice breakers and you could see the value of that. By the end of the two days you definitely felt part of a group where you knew everybody and everybody had really come out of their shell'

Corporate participant 2019

'Thank you for such an amazing time. Jana was brilliant, so helpful and bubbly, and she really made the whole thing run smoothly and so much fun'

Vicky - Women's group, South Manchester

'I couldn’t foresee what the outcome of the workshops would be, and then whoosh, suddenly I got it – I loved it! Learnt to just go with things more and not over think it and always know the path I will take'

Participant - NHS R&D NW

“Jana was amazing - I'm sure this comes back a lot but it can't be said enough. To have an individual who can elicit such positive emotions and responses from a cohort of individuals, moulding them towards being a cohesive group is a special skill set and she's a real valued asset. So all aspects of her part of the programme, although initially uncomfortable were really enjoyable in the end”

Corporate client 2022



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