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As a facilitator working with organisations in both the private and public sectors,  I am currently deep diving into:

  • Trust,

  • Systems for giving and recieving feedback

  • Having hard conversations

  • Brave Spaces

  • Leading with compassion,

  • Understanding Personal & Professional values

  • Creative Team Development,

  • Deep listening and Coaching Cultures.

My skill set lies in building inclusive, compassionate & courageous communities and cultures, with particular experience in; Self-awareness, Coaching & Coaching cultures, Creativity & Innovation and Courageous Conversations.

I support leaders and teams to think, and do differently, to encourage the ability to be agile and creative in their thinking.







I am accredited to deliver Affina team assessments, and can offer ongoing support with my Exeuctive Coaching skills & qualification.

I often centre my work around FUN, PLAY & CREATIVITY. Reasons to have creative and fun sessions for workplace colleagues are numerous, below are some:

Innovation - To allow humans to innovate they need: Space, Time, safety (to experiment and make mistakes), support, mindfulness/relation, creativity and fun/play

Dimensions needed for a culture that supports innovation are:

Risk, Resources, Knowledge, Goals, rewards and recognition, tools and method, relationships – creative thinking does all of these things, therefore group activities that support a change in paradigms about creativity are an important tool for the workplace.

Importance of fun:

Discovery, collaboration, sense of group worth, question conventional order, shared narrative, risk, form of emotional energy, failure, adventure, commitment, connections, communal identification, humour, teasing, play, imagining & enacting new repertoires, games.


‘The job of the facilitator is to model behaviour and join in where appropriate. When a facilitator gets involved rather than standing off, this can make the participants more at ease'

(Kavanagh, Clark-Murphy and Wood 2011)

I am more than happy to have a chat with you about your organisations needs - do get in touch via email:


jana coaching
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