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12 Questions for a Winter Reflection

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Now is a great time to spend some time reflecting on the past year, and begining to bring our focus positively towards what next year can bring us. Enjoy!

  1. When did you feel your best self? What were the feelings or context around that?

  2. In what ways did you grow?

  3. What are you proud of?

  4. What did you create or achieve?

  5. What gifts did the year bring? How did you celebrate?

  6. What challenges did the year bring? How did you respond?

  7. How have you taken care of yourself physically/emotionally/mentally?

  8. What are you grateful for?

  9. What was a key learning that you can take forward into the new year?

  10. What can you let go of and leave behind?

  11. If this year was a shape, what would it be? And what shape would you like next year to be?

  12. What are you ready for in 2024?

Jana X

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