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Positive self affirmations

Positive self-affirmations is a positive statement or belief. They allow us to meet our imposter and inner critic, and change the narrative they bring to our lives.


Rather than thinking I am not good in a crisis or I can’t stand up for myself at work or I speak before I think – how can you reframe these to the positive?


This is a huge thing to learn to do, and a keystone for coaching – focusing on what IS positive

What are you good at?

What do you bring?

 Ie I am a brilliant and creative theatre maker who has engaging stories to tell


In 10 minutes write as many as you like, they might feel a bit weird or hard to write. Stick with it, your inner critic will not want you to do this.


Keep going you fabulous human!

Next steps:

Saying positive self-affirmations outloud to ourselves allows

us to start to believe them.

  • Choose one that really resonates with you at the moment (they can and will change as you encounter different challenges)

  • Put it up somewhere you can SEE it easily

  • Make it gorgeous so it stands out and proud!

  • Everytime you SEE  it, SAY IT

  • Check in with yourself about how that FEELS

                   (it might be really hard, does it get any easier with time?)

The BIG leap

This is big, and bold, and brave and actually rather beautiful...

Can you say this positive self affirmation to SOMEONE ELSE?!

(TOP TIP - choose someone you really trust, and prep them before you do it. Their reponse only need to be 'good for you')

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