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Hello, and welcome to my snazzy website!

Below is all the info you could ever wish to know about me and what I do.

Any questions, to chat about a project or costs, feel free to get in touch via email:

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Jana Kennedy

Facilitating Creativity, communication, changing cultures and innovation. Personal development Coach. Faculty associate @ NHS R&D NW. Honorary Lecturer at Liverpool University

I focus on Team development, Compassionate Leadership, risk taking and  Innovation, all through a lens of FUN & PLAY.


I am also an accredited Personal development Coach, offering coaching to individuals, organisations and creatives.


I bring creativity, innovation, excellent facilitation, experimentation, culture shift and joy to everythng I do!

I have great people skills (theatre and clown training comes in handy - comedy is a great universal language!), and bring energy and enthusiasm into projects that I am working on.

Get in touch - it's a game changer!


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Contact Me!
I am always happy to have a chat with about any of the work I do, and how that can be of benefit to you.  From individual coaching, to larger programmes for teams in organisations.


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