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Jana Kennedy

Coach and Facilitator



I am a Coach and Facilitator, my skill set lies in building inclusive, compassionate & courageous communities and cultures, with particular experience in; Self-awareness, Coaching & Coaching cultures, Creativity & Innovation and Courageous Conversations.


I am described as warm, kind, fun, non-judgemental, and flexible. My values are Compassion, Connection and Humour.



I have consulted with NHS Trusts, Charities, Museums &Tech Start ups. I am accredited by Affina, a brilliant data driven tool used to evaluate teams, and regularly work on team and leadership development programmes.



I am a qualified Executive coach (ILM 7) working with a variety of different people on both  Professional and Personal development. I am proud to have reguarly coached within the NHS.

Examples of people I work with:

  • Female executives and senior leaders in complex organisations.

  • Creative mothers

  • Early career researchers

  • Small business owners

  • Someone experiencing a career change

1:1 and Group Coaching:

I offer both 1:1 and Group caoching programmes in my private practice. I am an expert in group Coaching, running The Group Coaching Community on facebook. Soon offering a Group Coaching Accreditation.



I am also a mum to 1 small human, and live in South Manchester with a husband, dog and 375ish house plants!

PS Jana Rhymes with Banana!

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