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Reasons to have creative and fun sessions for workplace colleagues are numerous, below are some:

Innovation - To allow humans to innovate they need: Space, Time, safety (to experiment and make mistakes), support, mindfulness/relation, creativity and fun/play

Dimensions needed for a culture that supports innovation are:

Risk, Resources, Knowledge, Goals, rewards and recognition, tools and method, relationships – creative thinking does all of these things, therefore group activities that support a change in paradigms about creativity are an important tool for the workplace.

Importance of fun:

Discovery, collaboration, sense of group worth, question conventional order, shared narrative, risk, form of emotional energy, failure, adventure, commitment, connections, communal identification, humour, teasing, play, imagining & enacting new repertoires, games.

I am more than happy to have a chat with you about your organisations needs - do get in touch via my Contact Me page



'Humour, seriously' Bagdonas and Aaker

 ‘The sociology of fun’ by Fine and Corte

‘The ambiguity of play’ by Brian Sutton Smith

‘Playful learning’ by Nicola Whitton and Alex Moseley

Street Wisdom

Lego Serious Play

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